J P Getty Quote
The meek shall inherit the earth, But not the mineral rights

Wow, after 9 years of revonations and $275 million the Getty villa was reopened. This place was is on of the should see sights of the Brentwood area of Los Angeles, California. The villa was built as a copy of a opulent Roman home buried by Mount Vesuvius’ eruption in A.D. 79.

I have not made it since the remodeling but plan to make it a place I will take my daughters when I go to the LA area. I have not made it to the new Getty museum yet either since it was sold out last time I was in the area but I have been told and read that it is a must see museum.

I have been told about Getty being in the Ventura area and claiming he was going to become rich in oil and being snubbed by the Venturans so he moved to LA. After researching him I believe this has to be a made up story by, maybe the oil workers, because his father was already making a small fortune in oil in Oklahoma. Oil workers were looked down on in Ventura and I have hear more than once a comment by a senior citizens that Ventura went downhill after the oil fields and oil workers from Oklahoma and Texas moved in.

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