It seems that there is always some type of battle going on for this island. Santa Rosa is one of the islands off the California coast in the Ventura and Santa Barbara area. One reason is that it is such a beautiful island with animals and flora not found elsewhere. This is why it is such a fight with environmental groups. I had though they had already destroyed all of the elk and deer but they have apparently not. The National Park Service still have a lease current to the original owners for cattle ranch.

So now some hunting enthusiasts in the military seemed to try and sneak legislation to transfer the island to the Department of Defense. Now I really do not think it would be a necessary a bad ideal to make a Recreational facility on the island but not to block the whole island from the general public. It is too much of a natural resource to do that. An example that I know of is the Volcano National Park on the Big Island (Hawaii). In the National Park they have the Kilauea Volcano Military Camp which is a recreational area for military personal. It seems for now that the Department of Defense has lost the battle but time will tell if they come up with something else.