It seems some people will go all out for their four leg friends. I came across the term barkitecture and did some exploring and found out it is the designing of dog houses. Gone are the days of square rectangle Snoopy type dog houses. Nope, now dogs have houses that are two stories tall and I even found one with their own dog bone shaped swimming pool and a fire hydrant with water flowing out of it. however, most of the houses I saw were still rather basic and some used some interesting materials some are better than most likely most of the people homes worldwide.

Anyways, below are some of the interesting designs. Just don’t let my own dogs know about the fancy building because they share a barn with chickens, turkeys and goats. Hey, it is two stories high but Dutchess the Lab mix would love that pool. Right now he shares a wading pool with the duck and geese.

Barkitecture 2004 Doghouses