As I was looking for some information for my blog I came across this article by Jakob Nielsein’s Alertbox. Which had the title Web log usability: The Top Ten Design Mistakes. As I went through the list of ten I noticed I had a number of the usability problems according to Nielsen. As a matter of fact I had all ten of the design mistakes

So let me begin with the first design mistake, which is no Author Biographies.
This is one area I for the most part have posted as an anonymous person. The people who know who I am and know I have this site are very close friends, some co-workers and family. If I remember correctly I have just my first name and the state I live in.

The next mistake is having No Author Photo. Yep I hate getting my picture taken. It never seems to look good to me. I wonder is a baby picture would work.

The third is having Nondescript Posting Titles. This is where I can see me doing improvements. Instead of typing Photos I can type Pictures from *****. So I suppose I will try working on this aspect beginning with this one. I changed it from “What makes a good blog” to “What makes a good blog and how I can improve the mistakes I make”.

The fourth I have already started to be careful on this with and usually limit links to what articles are on the subjectI will watch the link titles when I make links so they know where they are going.
Number five is a hard one for me to fix Classic Hits are Buried
I used to have a link to my first post and should go back to redo it. It got removed when I got a new temp
late design. Blog spot goes by date and does not have a way to do subjects. I think I could make a side link area with subjects to make links

The six problem is about the same problem as above because The Calendar is the Only Navigation. Again blogspot is defaulted this way and I am not aware of categorize posting. That would be great if blogspot created an easy way for us with not a lot of web page building knowledge
Well blogspot is free.

I have gotten better at not having Irregular Publishing Frequency stated in problem number seven. I try to post on a regular basic and I usually do. I, however, do not want do post anything just for the sake of posting.

I am very, very bad on this aspect of problem number eight. I go from pictures to news to some topic of interest and then poems
I really do not have a niche but when spring comes I might go with more of the gardening and animals.

I am careful about number 9 and not Forgetting That You Write for Your Future Boss
I suppose I need to think about this more and stop writing when I am depressed. I do not think I have even written about work on my blog but maybe some topic I have written could cause problems. You just never know

I have been thinkng of the number ten problem of having a Domain Name Owned by a Weblog Service. Well, I use blogspot so I am under a domain name. In the future I am planning on changing my blog name so might want to make it in the very near future. I will ponder this one some more.I have come across this problem on a site I have a profile posted on and they have started using links on words in our profile. You do not have control over this aspect. They could link you do a site that you might have an objection to. I am planning to limit my profile information on the site and maybe I show get another blog site. Lesson learned.