It all started with a Washington Post Story “Burdens of the Modern Beast
From Home to Office to School to Gym, Our Stuff Is Too Much With Us”

By Linton Weeks
Washington Post Staff Writer
Wednesday, February 8, 2006

The reporter was in a museum and noticed that the people inside were not carrying a lot of items compare to the people outside walking to and from work. That got me interested in a Goggle search and I came up with a surprising amount of sites and photos.

This led me to thinking. What is in my bag? I get teased from time to time about my tote bag I bring to work. I only use it for work and put it in the car. Inside my car I have a regular purse and if I go shopping or something I transfer some of the items from the tote to the purse. Normally I have a magazine or book in the tote and a folder with papers but this evening I did not. So this is what had starting at the bottom left.

Cell phone, case for floppy’s with floppy’s inside, work keys, car key, extension for ear phones, ear phones, small bag with two lip sticks, bag with three head scarves, moist wet wipes, ibuprofen, charger for phone, brush, lotion, flashlight/self defense, name tag, tissue, medium size bag with makeup, powder, brush and two more lip sticks, more lotion, shoe bag, eye glass container, wallet, large bag with nail files, manicure sticks and feminine products (I did not feel it was necessary to show them), flash drive and Day Timer calendar keeper.

This let me to wonder why do I have all of these lipsticks. I guess it was time to clean out the tote.

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