“If an attacker inspires anger or fear in my heart, it means that I have not
purged myself of violence. To realize nonviolence means to feel within you
its strength–soul force–to know God. A person who has known God will be
incapable of harboring anger or fear within him, no matter how overpowering
the cause for that anger or fear may be.” (Gandhi speaking to Badshah Kahn’s
Khudai Khidmatgar officers; _A Man to Match His Mountains_ by Eknath
Easwaran, 1985.)

If I am not to fight or flee in the face of armed aggression, be it the
overt aggression of the army or the subversive aggression of the terrorist,
then what am I to do? “Stand firm against evil” (Matthew 5:39, translated by
Walter Wink)

IRAQ: Tom Fox’s reflection, “Fight or flight?”

State Dept. Says U.S. Hostage, Christian Activist Tom Fox, Has Been Killed in Iraq. They say DNA tested possitive with a body they found this morning.

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