I got this email today and it is perfect for feelings of my friend overseas who has helped and has been a wonderful person listening to all of my problems lately.

Friends Forever
My loyal companion from across the
This is a loving tribute to you from
See yourself through this friend’s
The real you with no protective

You have a kind soul full of
Giving all of yourself….
nothing less

Expressing concern when something is

Lending your strength so that I can be

There to make me smile when I am

feeling down

Your laughter and humor wipe away

my frown

Thoughtful, sensitive,

and generous too

Traits shown often by the things

you do

You work hard each day and do

your part

For your small family;

keepers of your heart

My family and I enjoy

our contact with you

Learning about your life

and your country too

Distance does not change the

bond we share

Our words and actions

show how much we care

It is truly an honor to be considered

your friend

A blessing that few things in

life can transcend

When you need me, simply reach out

your hand

Friends forever across all time,

seas, and land

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