I got some more Welsummers the other day. If you been on my site before you would know that Welsummers are a rare Dutch breed that has dark eggs. I am taking a little of a chance sinceI am looking for another job and do not know where I will be able to find it. This part-time job ,two jobs here is just not working since the hours, both time and amount, keep changing on me. The job that I hoping I might get did not work out so now I’m back to the beginning.

I had more Welsummer before the raccoon found its way into the coop. The coop we made in the barn with dog panel saved the rest of the birds all winter. I had no more lost. No raccoon wants to go into a barn with 3 barking dogs. So now there are 9 Welsummer chicks in the barn. They were straight run (both sexes). They already had feathers so I am hoping they are not all roosters that were left over from the poultry farm but I shall find out later. I do have two hens that survived last years Raccoon attack.