This is where I planted the beans and tomatoes the potatoes are in the back.
You can see them growing now

I had a temporary case of insanity yesterday when I jumped the gun with planting. Here in the prairie of Kansas the usual crop you plant this month are the cool weather crops.

Last month and this month these are the following crops planting times suggested:

Cabbage : March 15-April 15

Collards : April 10-April 30
Chard : April 10-April 30
Carrots : April 10-April 30
Broccoli : March 15-April 15
cauliflower: March 15-April 22
Melons : April 15 – May 22
Lettuce : March 10- April 10
Potatoes : March 11-April 15
Peas : March 5-April 30
Spinach : April 1- April 30
Beets : March 26-April 30
Corn : April 24-June 30

So you can see from this list that tomatoes and Beans are not his month and are planted next month. This is because the last frost date is May 9 in this area.

Beans: May 5-June 10
Tomatoes : May 1-May 30

So what does this mean for me. It means that I may have to go out one night and cover the plants to prevent them from getting killed by a frost. So I am taking a chance with weather. Well, that’s the way it is with weather and trying to beat the weather to get an early crop. I just planted bush beans because I will be planting beans later after I start the corn which I can plant very soon.