It is still winter and the ground is brown except for the occasional snow. This is the time to plan for the 2016 vegetable garden. Below is a picture of ones garden  My garden is larger now with more beds. The apple tree on the left is long gone.  I have a row of wild plums blocking the view of the barn but also creating a wind break.



This is also the time to plan what and how much you are going to plant. One technique to decide the amount of seeds to buy and plant is to list your family favorite vegetables and the list the order or preferences. This five to an idea of what would be the best vegetables for planting. If your family does not like squash very much then you could limit or not grow.

Other than seed and garden planting you can make flats, planters, greenhouses, and cold frames you plan to use for the garden. If you have not ordered seeds then now it the time to do so. I have even started growing some vegetables that will be going into my greenhouse in a few days and begin planting some onions, leeks and wheat. I am always trying new wheat varieties every year and this year it will be Sonora wheat. It is a spring type wheat I hope will do well in this area too. It is time too to clean and sharpen your tools for the next season of use.
I find the book “How to Grow More Vegetables” useful for planning. In the book is a plan for a four person garden that I change according to our family preference. It covers the basic needs for a family of four in a six month growing period. It lists the amount of seeds to plant. It can be a little tricky for buying the seeds. If I do not use the seeds for the year I will save the remaining seeds in the refrigerator. It seems to wasteful to plant too much more than you need when you can save the seed for other years.

I am waiting for some more plants to continue adding to my food forest, Most of the plants I planted last year did well. Even the tree that got run over by someone mowing. Grrr. I am hoping the smaller apples trees will start producing more but they still might need a few more years. I also plan to get another apricot to hopeful get that stubborn large apricot to  produce something.