With recent rise in food prices and the world’s food crisis now is the time learn some skills that could be useful in the future. Although I am really not concerned at this time for a food shortage in the basic foods we will likely have to go without the varieties of food products due to the sheer costs and not being available. To be able to have a great diet with variety I suggest you take action in three ways.

1) Learn to garden. Start small now and in the future make your garden larger. Start buying seeds now. Many seeds will last for years in kept refrigerated or in a cold place. You will have the best growing experience with hybrid seeds but It is good to have some seeds that are open-pollinated seeds or heirloom seeds that so you will be able to save seeds in the future. One benefit with saving seeds is you can develop land race plants with will tolerate your climate better that other varieties. If you can start planting fruit trees do so. In some area it can be difficult to grow many of the tress but check state/local sources of what will be best to plant. Discover the native fruit trees/shrubs/vines that grow in your area. I have already planted wild plums and elderberries on my land and have some mulberries growing. Already the plums are producing and growing new plants that I will be able to start planting elsewhere or give to others.

2) Learn to can, dry and store your food. Even if you are not able to produce all you want or need you may be able to barter or buy fruit or vegetables that you do not want to got to waste. The Grand pappy information page has lots of articles and recipes. He was writing a website before all of the preppers started doing so with greatĀ advise. If you do not want to can or dry for you own family I suggest going to any of the many emergency supply companies or start stocking up on food your family enjoys eating.

3) Learn to cook. You can learn to make do and make great food if you learn to cook.