It seems that every time I go into the Grocery store food has gone up. However, you will notice that some items have actually gone down. Mark Perry a professor at of economics and finance in the School of Management at the Flint campus of the University of Michigan has created a  chart I posted below showing some price changes. However, other products not shown have gone up considerably.

Item % Change Feb. 2011-Feb. 2012
Lettuce -30.1%
Cabbage -26.7%
Tomatoes -21.8%
Broccoli -18.9%
Strawberries -15.6%
Oranges -13.9%
Peppers -12.3%
Bologna -11.8%
Lemons -11.1%
Potatoes, Frozen -7.7%
Pears -6.3%
Butter -5.5%
Grapes -4.1%
Rice -3.9%
Bananas -3.5%
Round Roast -3.4%
Chicken Breast -2.2%
Apples -2.2%
Ham -0.8%
Grapefruit -0.5%


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