I have had an problem with high blood pressure for too many years to remember. It has been a source of frustration with all of the lifestyle changes I had done to help reduce the blood pressure. Nothing seemed to work. I reduced my salt to less than 1500 a day. I have was walking 5 miles per day at one pointing. Very frustrating to do this for so many years without any results. The only thing that helped was medication and then I would have problems with dehydration, being tired and too low of an pulse. My pulse was 20 last time I went to the doctor and they were wondering if I was feeling well.

A couple of weeks ago I was watching a program about research on the affect sugar has on your blood pressure. The study found that fructose is a major factor in high blood pressure. We all know it is in just about every product in processed food and more so because it is used with food marketed low fat and the corn syrup industry has overtaken the cane sugar due to Government assistance . I have never been really big on all of the drinks with sugar or eating a lot of sugar products so I have to look other places where I was getting this extra sugar. I began looking at my cereal and other items I eat and stopped using them to see if it will help.

To my surprise my blood pressure has come down to normal. Yesterday it was 120/86. I am still taking medications but I must say I am really excited how much it has gone down by limiting my extra fructose and other sugar content to 25 mg a day. I am going to get rid of all of my processed type foods and going to eat only homemade unless I can be reasonably sure the product does not contain corn syrup, agave syrup or any other form of fructose. I am still eating fruit but watching what fruit I eat because some contain more fructose than others. This change in eating habits has not been easy because it is a change to more vegetables instead of fruit but I am getting there.

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