I remember a whole isle of spam and could hardly contain my laughter. Spam is big in Hawaii I found out that day.  McDonalds even offered Spam and eggs on the breakfast menu when I was there.

I find it interesting how Spam which an innovated  invention to use left over pork parts and now turkey is so popular in Hawaii and Samoa. What a genius move to make something that would other wise go to waste into a product that has endured for so many years.

So now you are most likely wondering if I actually eat the stuff. Yes, I do sometimes but not very often. It was not something I remember growing up eating.  It is with my emergency food supply since it is easy to store and has a lot of calorie. I prefer the turkey one to the pork. I get a container every once in a while to rotate new stock. There are so many things I would rather eat but if you’re hungry Spam is good. Maybe someday I will post a Spam musubi recipe.