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Will Wildlife Bridges Work?

I have always wondered if a bridge or underpass would work for wildlife each time I drive any distance to Topeka I-70 seems to have a lot of dead animals.  There are some organizations that are working on this idea. One is the Rocky Mountain Wild with their I-70 Wildlife Bridge Project and Conservation Northwest. Washington State is funding the I-90 Snoqualmie Pass East ProjectOntario has build their fist bridge and it will be interesting how it works and does it work. This concept has been done in France in the 1950’s and apparently  600 tunnels are installed along roads in the Netherlands to help protect the endangered European badger. I do not remember seeing any in each country but maybe I just did not realize they had them. But do they work or are they just a waste of money. Conservationists Paul Beier and Andrew Gregory from Northern Arizona University claim there is little evidence to suggest they work. They have created a crowd-sourcing site to collect data. It would be great if they work. I am thinking about the ponghorn  antelope in Kansas but less of any type of animals along the road would be better.

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  1. You have to start somewhere….we have to try…..where I live we have to drive through a deer and elk migration area…in 2012 over 265 deer were killed and left to rot on the side of the road…its devastating. We have to try and never give up until we help these poor animals that we have stolen their way of life from.

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