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Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

Sometimes I will take a photo hoping it will look interesting. It is usually a close up of an object instead at a distance. This barn photo is one such picture. I took a picture focusing more on the broken window and worn look rather than taking a picture of the barn. When the picture does not work out due to being a little out of focus or just not all that interesting I will sometimes play with the photo with special effects to see if will work as a background or make it a abstract picture.

So this photo did not come out as interesting or in focus as I would had liked.

This is better because now you focus on the grain of the wood and it looks aged.

This add a whole new look to the photo.

This add a little more texture but still boring.


I do not feel the sunburst did anything to improve the picture.


This looks like a photo taken a long time ago. I like this one the best.

This is an interesting take on the photo. I like it and plan to use it for something in the future.

This circle effect has really changed the view but you still recognize it as a building. It has several possibilities for usage.


My suggestion is if you have a photo you are not happy with experiment with your software program to make it more exciting.  I used PaintShop Pro to change these photos. The most important thing is to have fun.





Sunset & Para glider 8/28/2012

I was just walking back from my barn and notice the beautiful sunset. It was just more colorful than usually. So I ran into the house and grabbed my camera with optimism. A photo with a paraglider in the sunset would be great.

So I went out to focus on the para glider. Since I do not have a telephoto lens the glider is really difficult to see.


I waiting hoping it would move closer to the sunset.


This is the closest it moved to the sunset. It is down by the tree line in the middle area of the picture.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

Walt Disney Concert Hall by Lakenvelder
Walt Disney Concert Hall, a photo by Lakenvelder on Flickr.

This picture of the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles is what typical Urban to me. It is Modern , huge and uses unusual materials.


mushroom_bottom_8_28_12 by Lakenvelder
mushroom_bottom_8_28_12, a photo by Lakenvelder on Flickr.

It is so amazing how fast mushrooms grow. This mushroom is one of many that showed up this morning.

Weekly Writing Challenge: The Sound of Blogging

Noise In A Almost Empty House

You would think that when you are alone in a house there would be silence. Here I am sitting at the computer typing. Normally the house is full of noise. The typical husband or daughter’s chatter, the television blasting, or the grandson cooing or fussing Tonight it is just me and the dog and cat in this house.

Now the noise from my typing seems deafening.  How could typing be so loud now but not heard when they are all here in the confines of this house. The dog panting is so loud, so very loud . Now, it is the air conditioner humming so very loudly. These are noises not heard in a normal day with all the other human noises and devices competing in these walls.

I miss the rustle of the wind through the trees. What a delightful sound. Now I so want to open the windows and doors to let in a cool breeze and hear the trees. The sound the rustle gives such fond memories of being in the forest with the cold mountain air and trees gently swaying.

Door and windows are open now. The temperature has cooled outside and so now the air conditioner can be turned off. Ah, wonderful, the house is silent except for the dog again.  Hmm…. what is that loud noise?  The cat is taking a drink; does it really have to be so loud.  Great,  he is done now. It is now a lot quieter. Peaceful!


No sounds of the gentle breeze but cicadas. I suppose I can deal with them but I do love the sound of the rustle of wind through the trees . Hopefully, another day will arrive soon where I can sit on the porch to relax. Oh, I heard that mule calling for its meal. Quiet time is now revoked.

Old Family Photos Can Leave You Wondering


Sometimes family photos are just a simple glimpses into the past and other times they tell a story. Sometimes they leave you with questions you are impede to find the answer. I was just scanning some photos that were given to me a log time ago by an aunt. They are small photos that are glued onto a Birthday and Anniversary Book Reminder. There are no reminders for those days but picture reminders of the past.  The fourth photo taken in 1924 is very interesting. It has my grandfather, Cornelius Bouwens, with his four children. I  do not know if my grandmother is taking the picture or she if was not present. What I found interesting about the photo is the banner my aunt, Marguerite Bouwens, is holding. The banner has “House of David”.  Why would she be holding such a banner? So I did some research on “House of David”.   Wikipedia had three to refer to.

House of David may refer to:

  • House of David (commune), a twentieth-century religious commune that also operated a semi-pro baseball team
  • Davidic line, the tracing of royal lineage by kings and major leaders in Jewish history to the Biblical King David in Judaism
  • The House of David recording studio owned by the American musician David Briggs

My fist reaction to the first one is on way. I would had heard something about them belonging to involved with a commune.  My aunt has made a comment of a Jewish past but I have never proven or found any evidence of any Jewish relative. David Briggs studio would had happened many years after the date of this photo. So I went back to look up information about the commune. As I researched it I found out that they owned and operated The House of David Eden Spring Park and Zoo. That was it. They had gone to the zoo and park or someone had and gave the banner to my aunt. The park is around one hour and half  away these days but they could had taken the train. It may seem they are over dressed but people did that back then on outings. Here is a photo of the entrance. Today people dress a lot more casual.

Roast Chicken for the Evening and Later

The plan was to roast three chickens. One for the evening dinner and the two others would be used for meals later in the week without needing to purchase any precooked chicken. The other two roast chickens sliced for meals during the week. The sliced chicken breast were put into a bag by its self for salads and other meals where this meat will work better. The thighs and legs were cut up into bite size pieces and placed in another freezer bag for casseroles and other meals.  I placed all of the chicken bones into one bag to be used to prepare broth later. After removing the chickens I put the  pan drippings into a container in the fridge to let it get cold. I will then remove the fat that will solidity and rise to the top and save it separately for making roux and sauteing vegetables. The strained juiced will be used later for soups or pan sauces.


1 4 pound chicken
1 clove garlic
2 tablespoons Olive Oil
Thyme, one sprig chopped or 1 teaspoon dried
1 sprig rosemary chopped or 1 teaspoon dried
1 onion chopped
5 carrots, peeled
2 stacks celery

Preheat the oven to 400°. Season the chicken cavity with salt an pepper. Place the garlic inside. Season the outside of the chicken with more salt and pepper. Rub the outside with olive oil. Place the onion, carrots and celery evenly on the bottom of a roasting pan. Place the chicken on top of the vegetables with a rack and sprinkle the spice evenly on top. Pour in enough water to cover the bottom at least an inch. Roast for 45 minutes or until the breast registers 150°. the skin should be a dark amber and when you move the joint the juices should run clear. Take the chicken out of the oven and rest for 30 minutes before serving.

I made three so one was served for dinner and the other two were sliced for other meals.

River Walk -Junction City and Ft. Riley

Last evening I took a walk on the river walk starting at the Fort Riley trail head. It was a beautiful evening mild with a light cloud cover.

This trail is for bikes, running, walking and horse back riding. It is mostly flat and very wide like a road with a smooth gravel base making it popular for runners, walkers and families . Many just walk part of the path to go fishing. on the Republican river.

It is interesting how you can walk someplace many times and never see something. This evening I saw this  and was wondering what it was or should I say used to be. I am guessing it might be a part to an old bridge. 

I was surprised about the amount of water in the river. They must be letting water out of the day although Kansas is in a drought.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Merge

yoder6 by Lakenvelder
yoder6, a photo by Lakenvelder on Flickr.

In Yoder, Kansas horse buggies are intermingled with cars and trucks but during Heritage Days the world of racing also comes into the Amish world.


Growing up and going to school in Southern California I went through many of the duck under the table exercises in case of an earthquake. Other than the exercise I never had to really do the procedure in school since the only major earthquake happened in the early morning hours. I only remember waiting and hoping school would be canceled, most likely like children in areas that snow, to be disappointed. It was disconcerting to find out as an adult we were really taught to go under a death trap. This now may be changed because of a earthquake proof table that is designed to withstand the weight of many types of buildings falling on top. This could save the lives of a hundreds children around the world in earthquake areas. Another great thing about these tables is they are designed to encourage manufacturing close to the intended area of use helping local economies.

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