I try to get out of my comfort zone with taking pictures. My comfort zone is to put the camera on auto and to just take the pictures. I am not the greatest photography but today I went out with my daughter and grandson and took some photos. While I was taking photo I put the camera mostly on manual and just took as many photo as I could before the chip was filled. It was not the best conditions outside since it is a very bright day. Even in the shade if created some difficulties. When you start learning photography you also begin learning how to manipulate the photos in a program. Most professional photographer use Adobe Paint Photo shop but I have Corel paint shop pro which is hundreds of dollars less and still allows for a lot of creative changes.

ImageThis is the beginning photo. You see how there is stuff on the side that if taken out will make the photo better.


So next we have the photo where I did some editing to take away some of stuff on the side and did the one step noise reduction.


I discovered where softening is on paint shop pro.This is a technique most portrait photographers use.Image

I wanted to add an interesting edge to the photo so I went to the frames and added this interesting effect.


This is another picture that I add different frame. This is a neat one. If you look closely you will see fingers in the flower at the bottom.

Next are two photos of Lucus. Lucus tends to have flaky skin which really show up in photos. Image

I tried using the blemish tool which did fine but it was time consuming and difficult to match his skin tones all over his forehead.


This photo I used the softness effect in the Effects toolbar.

So even if you only have a simple photo editing program play around with your photo to see what you can do to make them look better. I suggest to save the photo in Save as and rename it so you do not loss the original if you are not able to go back.

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