I usually make this with what I have. It is one of those go to meals for meal because it is easy, fast and my family likes it. It is in reality a homemade version of hamburger helper. You can add and subtraction from the original recipe to make it how you like. If you have on had the tomato juice or beef stock it is really simple.


Tonight I prepared Martin’s Stew without the juice and used beef stock I thickened with cornstarch. I acutally used instant potatoes last night which I usually detest but with real butter it was not all that bad. I was even asked by a family member if it was real or instant potatoes. The person had seconds so it was pretty good to him too.

I did not use the onion, juice so I am not sure it can be considered Martin’s stew so I guess I could call it Lisa’s stew. Anyway, I wanted to make the dish look a little more pleasing to the eye so instead of just cooking the ground beef as normally I would do I made little balls out of them. You could go through the effort to make meat balls with bread and spices but I was going for quick. Frozen meatballs would have worked too.

So I pan fried the meat shaped into little balls until brown. I then added about 1 quart of broth. If you do not have homemade broth which is best you can use one of the broth concentrates that you add water too. I really like them and usually have chicken, beef and vegetables on hand. It helps make a lot of meal really quick and tastes great. So much better than those bullion cubes and instant salty stuff.


So I cooked it until it was heat through and then I wanted to thicken it up into a gravy. I added around two tablespoons of cornstarch in a coffee cup with a about 1/4 cups water. You can use any small bowl instead. Mix until smooth and then pour into the pan with the gravy and meatballs. Mix until thicken to the desired amount. If you like it to be thicker add more cornstarch and water mixture. If it is too thick add a little more water to the pan. Add about 2 cups of peas and cook until just tender. I used canned peas so they just needed to be warmed up. Add any spice you enjoy in this meal I just added parsley but I have made this with all types of spices and vegetables.


Ground beef, made into little balls

1 quart of beef stock

2 tablespoons of cornstarch

1/4 cup water

1 tablespoon dried parsley

2 cups garden peas or any other vegetable

Mashed potatoes, pasta, couscous or any starch for the meal.

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