Sometimes family photos are just a simple glimpses into the past and other times they tell a story. Sometimes they leave you with questions you are impede to find the answer. I was just scanning some photos that were given to me a log time ago by an aunt. They are small photos that are glued onto a Birthday and Anniversary Book Reminder. There are no reminders for those days but picture reminders of the past.  The fourth photo taken in 1924 is very interesting. It has my grandfather, Cornelius Bouwens, with his four children. I  do not know if my grandmother is taking the picture or she if was not present. What I found interesting about the photo is the banner my aunt, Marguerite Bouwens, is holding. The banner has “House of David”.  Why would she be holding such a banner? So I did some research on “House of David”.   Wikipedia had three to refer to.

House of David may refer to:

  • House of David (commune), a twentieth-century religious commune that also operated a semi-pro baseball team
  • Davidic line, the tracing of royal lineage by kings and major leaders in Jewish history to the Biblical King David in Judaism
  • The House of David recording studio owned by the American musician David Briggs

My fist reaction to the first one is on way. I would had heard something about them belonging to involved with a commune.  My aunt has made a comment of a Jewish past but I have never proven or found any evidence of any Jewish relative. David Briggs studio would had happened many years after the date of this photo. So I went back to look up information about the commune. As I researched it I found out that they owned and operated The House of David Eden Spring Park and Zoo. That was it. They had gone to the zoo and park or someone had and gave the banner to my aunt. The park is around one hour and half  away these days but they could had taken the train. It may seem they are over dressed but people did that back then on outings. Here is a photo of the entrance. Today people dress a lot more casual.