It has been a while since I have made Navajo Tacos mainly because the bread if fried. I was watching TV a few nights ago and the program was about some homeless families in Florida. One of the families lived in a truck but what got my attention was what they ate. They did not have access to the normal kitchen appliances most of us take for granted so they ate canned food. So I decided to try to come up with some entrees made with canned food that taste good. I am sure the may eat Spaghetti and meatballs and Ravioli but I was thinking more on the line of meals made with only canned food and some fresh produce or fruit. Canned meats can be on the expensive side so I an going to suggest substitutes for the canned meat if they are able to shop before eating. Since I am assuming that they have no way to heat the food the entree will have to be just put together without cooking. 


So tonight is my first suggestion. I believe homemade refried beans are best the canned ones work in a pinch or when you just do not have the time or inclination to cook. Instead of the fry bread you can use the precooked tostada shells, tortillas. or any flat bread you enjoy. Slatter some beans on the bread, Top with lettuce tomatoes and shredded cheese. If you have packages of taco sauce all the better. Enjoy!  Oh, the recipe for the fry bread is here in my old blog. Most of the time my pictures have gotten better which is a good thing.Image

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