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Weekly Photo Challenge: Free Spirit

Sometimes I will take a photo hoping it will look interesting. It is usually a close up of an object instead at a distance. This barn photo is one such picture. I took a picture focusing more on the broken window and worn look rather than taking a picture of the barn. When the picture does not work out due to being a little out of focus or just not all that interesting I will sometimes play with the photo with special effects to see if will work as a background or make it a abstract picture.

So this photo did not come out as interesting or in focus as I would had liked.

This is better because now you focus on the grain of the wood and it looks aged.

This add a whole new look to the photo.

This add a little more texture but still boring.


I do not feel the sunburst did anything to improve the picture.


This looks like a photo taken a long time ago. I like this one the best.

This is an interesting take on the photo. I like it and plan to use it for something in the future.

This circle effect has really changed the view but you still recognize it as a building. It has several possibilities for usage.


My suggestion is if you have a photo you are not happy with experiment with your software program to make it more exciting.  I used PaintShop Pro to change these photos. The most important thing is to have fun.






  1. Agree on both counts the third from last(bluish with frame) is my favorite of the bunch, and if they don’t quite look right it’s time to play! 😀 The first stop is a B&W conversion, but then all bets are off. They still usually end up getting slapped with a great big dose of “Delete,” but it is fun seeing just what I can do sometimes.

  2. If I could hit “like” several times I would. I like your creativity. And thanks for liking my entry this week.

  3. I like the way you used different views to accomplish Free Spirit. The sun burst did nothing for me either. 🙂 Enjoy and relax this weekend.

  4. I like your take on “free spirit!” Lovely work, creativity and imagination!

  5. Good Afternoon: I agree, the “cyanotype” (bluish) effect was very successfu.

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