Noise In A Almost Empty House

You would think that when you are alone in a house there would be silence. Here I am sitting at the computer typing. Normally the house is full of noise. The typical husband or daughter’s chatter, the television blasting, or the grandson cooing or fussing Tonight it is just me and the dog and cat in this house.

Now the noise from my typing seems deafening.  How could typing be so loud now but not heard when they are all here in the confines of this house. The dog panting is so loud, so very loud . Now, it is the air conditioner humming so very loudly. These are noises not heard in a normal day with all the other human noises and devices competing in these walls.

I miss the rustle of the wind through the trees. What a delightful sound. Now I so want to open the windows and doors to let in a cool breeze and hear the trees. The sound the rustle gives such fond memories of being in the forest with the cold mountain air and trees gently swaying.

Door and windows are open now. The temperature has cooled outside and so now the air conditioner can be turned off. Ah, wonderful, the house is silent except for the dog again.  Hmm…. what is that loud noise?  The cat is taking a drink; does it really have to be so loud.  Great,  he is done now. It is now a lot quieter. Peaceful!


No sounds of the gentle breeze but cicadas. I suppose I can deal with them but I do love the sound of the rustle of wind through the trees . Hopefully, another day will arrive soon where I can sit on the porch to relax. Oh, I heard that mule calling for its meal. Quiet time is now revoked.