It was another hot day in September and the sunflowers are blooming all over the sunflower state of Kansas. I decided to walk around our property and see if I could get lucky taking pictures of the sunflower. The sunflowers can look really nice from a distance if you have a huge area of them growing but the wild ones tend to grow on disturbed land.

The area I found the most sunflowers used to have a large barn for equipment that was taken down last year and was not yet replanted with any pasture grass. I was a little leery about taking picture at around 2 p.m. since the sun was still very strong but I also wanted to get pictures of bees. I ended up being lucky that a large bee did visit the flowers.


And then I saw a dragon fly near…..   

As I was walking out of the area under the shade of a nearby tree I saw mom and son being  together. 

Bebe was just hanging out under the trees.

And I then checked on my soon to be sunflower seeds in my garden.

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