Just another beautiful morning where ever I am.  I thin I am going to check my sheep. The lambs are pretty big now and it now time to get ready for a new generation. I started with just a few, Six in fact. But like potato chips one or six or never enough. I got two more three years ago. One was a ram. So between the ones I keep after lambing and adding a few. I up to well more like 30. They are useful for being cute, mowing and, of course, lamb.


I got my chicken back too. No more free range for coyotes and other prey looking for “KFC” or Kansas Fresh Chicken. They just start you day out right with their antics as  you watch them out side of the window drinking your coffee and eat oatmeal.


By the way, I live in one of those tiny houses. Not much space but enough to prevent the dreaded housework. I can spring and fall clean in a day. The bathroom is a bit cozy but we have no stairs. If we ever tire of this place It is on wheel so we can change our scenery. It is not a RV but a real Tiny home on wheel.



I am now doing recipes for living in Tiny homes. Easy to make for people with little room to cook although my Tiny Home has a fairly decent gallery kitchen.



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