Glamour Fashion:

I confess I am not a clothes person. I have the basic to dress most decent and follow the fads to some degree. I will add one or two items. My closet had mostly basics that I add to. I am too old to wear some of the fads but find ways to look in style but were I am not dressing like a teen.   I try to be somewhat in fashion or at least look like I have a clue buy checking the trends for summer and winter.  Take for instant the picture from Glamour above. They are showing turtlenecks as a trend. A turtleneck would not be too costly. The pair of over the knee boots seen of the page before would be.

I do try to look decent when I go anyplace. When I have a appointment I usually dress as if I am going to work because I found you get better treatment. Sad, by true. It is the same with shopping, Even big box stores know to avoid people I have had the workers come up and ask if you need any assistance. So dress for success even in the Grocery store and you life will be so much better.

Daily Prompt: The Clothes (May) Make the (Wo)man


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