It has been just wonderful weather here lately. Mostly in the high seventies with some highs and lows but very few days and evenings of very low temperatures. That is soon going to change. It is inevitable here in the plains states.

Living in California we would have individual that moved from the East Coast missing the four seasons. I at the time could not understand. It did get colder in the winter and hotter in the summer. No question about it. Not extremes but changes. Later the understanding would come about living in Hawaii. Ah, yes, palm trees, hula, warm water and breezes. Paradise! Except, most of the islands with the except of higher elevations the weather was the same. Year in and year out.  85 F all year round. A humid warmth that had you craving for relieve after a couple of years. Incidentally, one of the favorite vacation locations of Hawaiians that could afford it was Alaska.

Winter is coming. I can feel and see the changes however mild they are this year. No real fall colors this year. Mostly brown leaves falling with the exception of the maple that displays some orange. Displaying wonderful fall color are the pyracantha bush and the crap apples. They rarely disappoint.

We have been preparing that last two weeks. Carefully piled wood is on the side porch with some sticks for kindling in a can. This weekend will be windows and calking. I am starting to plant better ways to insulated the windows in this 100-year-old house. At least in the main room we use. Make it less drafty  for winter activities. Quilted covers is my idea and I am looking for the pattern I had. That is the problem of too much stuff and moving it too much. Now I cannot find items. While I looking for the pattern  I put the patterns from basket I had into a binder. It seemed like a great idea I saw someone. Nope, back to the basket they went.

Are you doing any winter preparations? Has winter found you yet or are you still waiting?

Daily Prompt: Mid-Season Replacement

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