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Making Lemonade when Life Throws Lemons















It was a difficult year for us. It seemed a dark cloud was hanging over our heads. First it was the lost of my job due to ending of a contract. It did not seem bad at first with unemployment. About the same time test results showed my husband had Multiple myeloma.  Multiple myeloma is a cancer of your plasma cells that cannot be cured so they  have treatment to help relieve pain, control complications of the disease,  and stabilize the  condition and slow the progress of the disease. Treatment invoked chemotherapy which requiring me to be a care giver for that process. He is dong much better right now with pain. Sometime later my Daughter had a child with complications which put her in serve financial straits. Making long story short he ended up moving back in with us.

It has been tough and some days are still rather depressing but we have been making it work.  I am not a clothes horse but sometimes I miss having new clothes. I have not been shopping for years now.  It seems after a year and a half we are now having a better relationship with the daughter. She has come to her senses and using common sense much better and taking better control of her life instead of letting these guys use her financially. It is a great feeling as a parent to see you child start making progress in life.

Hopefully, a job will be in the future for me so I can worry less if my husband gets worse and cannot work anymore. It is difficult if not impossible to look for employment because I get so frustrated  with rejection letters. getting asked when I went to high school at interviews (age discrimination) and expecting all this experience with even minimum wage jobs. I still believe it will happen someday I will find employment. When I do I will be sitting on the front porch drinking lemonade and not worrying about being a bag lady somewhere.

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