Crispy Treat pumpkin

These Rice Krispies are easy to make and a step above the normal rice crispy treats. They have a slight crispy pumpkins with caramel and marshmallow filling. Next time I make these I will double the rice krispies. The recipe below has been modified to reflect this change.  It should keep the filling in better and not overwhelm too much.


Pumpkin flavored marshmallows (I would buy two packages to make at least 8-10 cups of rice krispies)
Rice Krispies
Butter or margarine
Package of caramels
Can of sweeten condensed milk (15 oz)
Container of marshmallow creme
Candy corn candy
1 can sweeten condensed milk

Put the caramels in a microwavable bowl. Pour the milk over. Microwave for about 45 minutes and stir. Keep putting the bowl back into the microwave until the caramels have melted and you can mix together. You could melt over a double boil pan if desired. Make the rice krispies treats according to the package directions. In a butter 12 x 9 inch pan put 1/2 of the mixture into the pan. Spread the caramel filling over the rice krispies.  Next spread the marshmallow creme over the caramel filling. Carefully place the remaining rice krispies treat over the filling.  Let it set. Putting into a refrigerator helps. Decorate with the candy corn, if desired.

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