I was going to at first show picture of this and wheat. I seem to show and like a lot of pictures with this hue. It then came to me. My home. It is all over and rather dominant. I do tend to wear green because in college I found it works good with my skin tone. Burgundy is also a good color for my skin tone.

This is what Color Your Personality said about me and the hue I like to surround me..

Gold and Bronze
Personality: Women drawn to gold are not the type to sit back and let the world pass them by.

You have high hopes, dreams and ambitions, and you enjoy life to the fullest.

But your passion can also be your downfall, as it causes you to over-schedule and, as a result, feel stressed and overwhelmed at times

Yep, I love to put too much on my table.
This is an example of the color in my home.