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Photograph Uplifting


Inspiring | Lilac| Spring

There are few more beautiful and nicely scented shrubs as the lilac. an easy to grow shrub I use for the birds, butterflies, bees, beauty, sweet scent  and  as part of my windbreakImage


.Most of them are the common type but I do have some hybrids  I love  to smell and see all the flowers at this time of year. 


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Spicy Food Is The Way To Go

mexicqan style chicken


Bring on the Mexican and other spicy foods.I really enjoy them. I make Mexican style food almost weekly and occasional make spicy Asian dishes. I do not not it overly hot were you mouth is burning because I feel it takes away the flavor but Mr.Gadget can not handle the heat at all so I make it on the mild side use salsa or another sauce to heat it up. He still reminds me of the Pakistan Kebabs/Kabobs I made on year. They were really, really hot.  I had used a flavor package and followed directions. They came out hot on the other end too.


Enchiladas And Everyday Mexican Rice Pilaf


I have many recipe containing spicy food. Some of my favorites are Mariel’s Enchiladas and Everyday Mexican RiceChorizo con Huevos (Eggs and Mexican Sausage) – MexicanMexican Fried ChickenCrunchy Almond Chicken-Pakistan.


You can find many others but doing a search.

Other blogs that either like spicy or not:

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Spicy Ring of Fire

Karma For a Lapsed Veggie

Tasting the ring of fire and sugar in Panama

Fire in the soil


 Come what may



Come what may

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Happy Face Robot





Robot | Toy | Face


This little toy changes faces depending on it position. this is a picture of it standing up but it eyes and moth change depending on what position you hold it. This toy reminds me the simpler toys like this that were more popular before all of the electronic and computer stuff.

#robot #toy #kids

linky tuesday



I am not much into the straw bale gardening. I have too much trouble as it is with pill bugs and they will each seedlings. I did see a stawbale planted with flowers along a county road last weekend and it looked nice. That is an idea to do instead of a raised bed next to a driveway. Think of the bale with vining plants and flowers in the middle. It could be beautiful.  This should be a great alternative for gardeners  in more arid places.


If you had not figured it out I am an almost full time grandmother. The little man is two now. There has been some trials and tribulations. He had some problems as a baby with breathing, constipation and weight. Now that he is two thing have been going smoother for us. The Hip Grandmother is a popular, wonderful bog of another grandmother and her grandchild.


Have you found any interesting blogs? Would you like to showcase an interesting blog here? If you have an interesting post or site to share,  especially concerning gardening, farming and animals please contact me. 




Photograph The Number 4

The Number | Written | Easel


I looked around today for a number 4 to take a picture of that would be interesting. I had a bottle of wine but it was boring. Then I glanced at little man’s white board/magnet easel and, sure enough, he had a number 4. It was just put up there with no reason other that it sticks. It reminded me with a smile that I need to do some numbers and a letter today. April is almost over but it is back to acting like a lion. It has been rather windy cool weather lately. I am tempted to start a fire in the woodstove right now. 





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Photograph Square

Photograph Square

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Ode To The Mule



Got you a couple of years ago

you were wild at times, very untrained

however later we began to relate

you were learning a growing at a amazing rate


You trusted me

and now I am sure you are scared

not understanding why you were given away

put into a trailer to be hauled away


I wish I could talk mule talk to let you know

it was in the best interest for you that day

I am hoping this new home will prove

to be maybe a better place with your own


I know you knew something was up all day

I could tell by your brays all day

I cried the day before they came

but somehow was able to compose that day

that night I could not sleep and today I been so sad


I am missing my dear mule so very much

I wish things would had worked out for us

so I could keep you for the rest of your life

and knew you were safe


#mule, #leaving #ode


Blessing of Vineyards and Orchards


Since the grapes vines are budding and the fruit trees are blooming I felt it was fitting to have a ancient prayers for blessing the vines this week.


We look to you, Almighty God, creator and sustainer of the universe, on this joyous occasion, asking your blessing upon these newly budded vines which you created, which you have nourished with good weather, sufficient rain and abundant sunshine over these months.

We pray, O Lord, that you will bring these vines to full ripeness, that the canes will be heavy with fruit, that the harvest will be full and complete, the pests having been kept away by your mighty hand.

Grant us, Father, that Your people may always be thankful for Your many gifts, so that we shall always have plenty to give to those less fortunate. We pray this in Your name.


#blessing #prayer #orchard #vineyard

Let's Party, Because I Want To






Of course, when I read the prompt a song came to my mind. This is an oldie that came before my time but I have nevertheless heard the song many times.

You’re throwing a party—- for you! Tell us all about the food,drink,events, and party favours you’ll have for your event of a lifetime. Use any theme you like —it’s “Your” party!

I really like dinner parties but people are less formal in my area. I have been thinking about one for some time that would reflect more on what I have available here on my micro farm so this is what have in my mind. Since the people will likely be local Kansans and a mixture in individuals from other counties I want them to all feel welcome and would like to represent something they are hopefully familiar with but not too strange for the Kansans here but also something they may have never tried. Hopefully, no one will cry because their car is dusty after the 4 miles of gravel roads.

The  BBQ type of set up will have  local beef and lamb (hopefully from my place) plus some options for vegetarians, vegan and non gluten. A BBQ would allow me to invite more that a sit down type of party. All of the food would be easy to eat balancing on your lap with no cutting required.

Tangri” or Chicken Drumsticks Kebabs (Tangri Kabab)





Hamburgers and Hot dogs







Pretzel Buns with Sausage





Hay! Hay! Cooking Lamb with Hay.





Quick Mexican Potato Salad

Cole Slaw


Gusty-Upped Beans (use home canned beans but add other ingredients)


Corn On Cob (cut into small cobs)


Home canned Pickle AssortmentBread and Butter Pickles , Hamburger, Dill, Polish, Relish



Instant Punjabi-Style Pickle


Droste Fudge Brownies

Assortment of Cookies:



Chewy Oatmeal Cookies,

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies

Roll-Out Sugar Cookies

Drinks: Iced tea, coffee, sodas,


With lots of good conversation, many locations to talk from the front porch,  deck (hopefully done by then) , family room, breakfast nook, dining room, kitchen table, away room or around the camp fire.  I hope people will enjoy themselves. We can also have a fun with games or a movie after if people are interested. It’s my party but it is for everyone’s fun.

#BBQ #Cookies #pickles #cookingwithhay #pretzelrolls #beans #coleslaw #potato salad

Chicken Coop 4/26/2014

The chicken coop is well on its way today to completion. The sides are almost completely finish and we just need to finish the ceiling. The coop is being build to allow for cross ventilation with a fan, wall to help keep in their heat in the winters and keep out any predators lurking. 


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