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Endless Summer


I can remember that summer very well and if I could turn back time I would to that summer. It was warm and my brothers and I had our bikes and boogie boards. I would not really miss my friends from where I used to live until I started school in the fall.

 It was not as hot as in the valley  so I did not have to deal with the stifling heat all summer. We had just moved to this city so we did not know anyone so my brothers and I would ride the Schwinn bikes to the beach which was about 10 miles away quite often. This was before sunscreen and helmets were not common , although it would have been a good idea. We got very dark tans that summer. The ride was mostly through the small city first riding past lemon orchards and then down Ventura Avenue. This was a wide road and was likely the main traffic route before the freeway. The city in some areas was bike friendly with a few bike lanes. I loved this aspect of the new city. Most drivers were very courteous although I had dealings with a few drivers that would try to run you off the road. We would spend a few hours at the beach before heading home. Depending on the day it could be foggy, sunny or very windy. It did not seem to matter much to us. We went anyway to go boogie boarding, plus the beach would be less crowded when the weather was not as nice. Those were wonderful days.

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