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Monday Muse: Dandelions, Chickens, and Garden Stuff



I read the other day on eating dandelions greens. It is not new to me but I realized I have not seen a lot of those weeds this year. So I went out looking for some. I found quite a few in the front pasture. You might very well be wondering why I was thinking about the dandelions. It is not for green although they I am thinking about trying them with a salad but the flowers make a wonderful jelly. It might sound terrible horrid in your mind to made such a jelly but I assure you it tastes great. The closest taste I can come up with to compare the two is it tastes like chicken honey. I cannot explain why it tastes like honey but it does. So I plan to go out tomorrow if we do not have snow to pick some flowers and leaves. I promise I will leave some for the bees but right now they are really enjoying the pear trees in full bloom.




Flowers are in bloom. It is looking beautiful here in the flint Hills. Some flowers I am not too excited about especially the ones that turn to thorns.






My peas, leeks, potatoes and lettuce are growing. Asparagus has popped out of the ground. The garden is staring to look like a garden.


It is interesting when I go out and weed or hoe in my garden I find some object. This weekend among a couple of metal objects I found this doll arm.  My garden is not too far from were the original cabin and carriage house stood so sometimes I find things. I also found two character toys in different areas this weekend where I had the animals graze revealing hidden items behind an old wooden grain silo.




The chicks have gotten big. They are mostly feathered now and showing the colors they will have as an adult.


I am grateful we did not get the severe storms with the tornadoes and wind shears as other places did yesterday but last night we did got below freezing and show. It looks like there will be no pears. plums and pluots again this year.

Yes, my pears are in bloom and the plumage so, if it does snow like it is forecast, I will again be without those two fruits again this year. Such is life in Kansas with fruit trees. I brought in my tomatoes from the greenhouse just in case it does start to get below freezing. I am hoping this storm blows over like the one that did the other day. This morning I had the weirdest weather. It was like two hours or more of  non stop thunder but no rain and no lighting. I sounded like I was in the middle of in airport. When I mean non stop it was constant noise. I have been in a lot of different weird weather but this was a quite strange one. It almost made one wonder if there were drones buzzing around but I do not want to sound like some crazy lunatic so I am saying it was thunder. Needless to say, I worked in the barn on Sunday fearful of lightning I did not see. If you have thunder you do have lighting.




Chicken coop under construction 4/24/2014




What I saw when I woke up in the morning. 4/24/2014

































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  1. I love eating spring dandelion leaves and have often used the flowers in salads. I had never heard of making jelly with them though. Sounds delicious. Do you mind sharing your recipe?

  2. Sure, I was thinking of making some and posting it on Thursday.

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