mexicqan style chicken


Bring on the Mexican and other spicy foods.I really enjoy them. I make Mexican style food almost weekly and occasional make spicy Asian dishes. I do not not it overly hot were you mouth is burning because I feel it takes away the flavor but Mr.Gadget can not handle the heat at all so I make it on the mild side use salsa or another sauce to heat it up. He still reminds me of the Pakistan Kebabs/Kabobs I made on year. They were really, really hot.  I had used a flavor package and followed directions. They came out hot on the other end too.


Enchiladas And Everyday Mexican Rice Pilaf


I have many recipe containing spicy food. Some of my favorites are Mariel’s Enchiladas and Everyday Mexican RiceChorizo con Huevos (Eggs and Mexican Sausage) – MexicanMexican Fried ChickenCrunchy Almond Chicken-Pakistan.


You can find many others but doing a search.

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Come what may

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