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Travel Time On Sunday to Pueblo, Colorado




It was a trip to Colorado on Saturday. It made quite a day to drive there and back but we did it. Colorado not surprisingly looked a lot like Western Kansas until you got closer to the mountains and it became more desert like with yuccas and and other dry climate plants. The  prairie became shorter the closer to the border until it was not a prairie at all.  Foothill Grasslands, Flat to Rolling Plains- Moderate Relief Plains, Rolling Sand Plains were eco-regions we traveled in Colorado, mostly the Piedmont Plains and Tablelands in Colorado. 

After a short visit with a family member it was off to check out PuebloColorado. We did not have much time so decided to check out the river walk area. It was a beautiful day for a walk. 


Heading back towards Kansas we took another route through La Junta and a quick stop at Site of the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site.


It is very dry out here in eastern Colorado and western Kansas and some of the wheat does not look good.

Zip Up


Most of the time it is just better for me to keep it to myself. Although I am a person who tend to contemplate and tend to try to understand other points of interest it seems others find me that get upset when I post my point of view on the situation. I have mostly given up Facebook because of this. I am tired of these types getting upset with their of views.

So every day it seems I keep quiet. It is not worth disturbing the peace and may be stoking the fire of polar opinions rather than offering a paradigm-shifting view. I found  nuanced opinions start like wildfires. There is too much emotion in people opinions. I am stepping back now and keeping out from canning without USDA approved methods to another hotly debated topics.

Today I have not gotten there but I am sure I will. I have not gotten on Facebook yet. Maybe I shouldn’t.

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I could not tell you how many times I was told Curiosity killed the cat. Still I persevere on asking. When? Why? How? I tend to not want to leave any stone upturned. I tend to enjoy author Stephen King  extended variation of this idiom used in several of his novellas: “Curiosity killed the cat, satisfaction brought him back”.

Yesterday was another day my curiosity was on full throttle. I had to deliver a grandchild to Colorado and had a 7 hour drive one day or over 14 hours round trip not including quick stops and excursions. This was done in one day. To be honest I was not the driver as Mr. Gadget drove the entire length of the trip. He I believe does not really like for me to drive his truck. Add on to the journey was a couple of tourist stops and a drive by of an area I am considering moving to in the future. An interesting site when we got into Colorado were the compound like homes I saw. Is this an area of preppers or some type of groups? I want to find out more information on this area now because this surprised me and not like I want to become on.

Curiosity killed the cat, satisfaction brought him back


I came up  with the  blog name Kansa Muse because my blog is not one interest or subject but it could  very well be kansamusan for someone with great curiosity.





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Remember When………

ImageMemories are funny things! We all seem to have good and bad memories, but for childhood most of the memories are pleasant unless it was something so horrific in your mind it really stick out. Most of my pleasant memories when I was very young involved going to the mountains or beaches as I mentioned in a older post. The other memories involved gardening with my father and grandfather. I even made my own vegetable garden when I was ten or so. I remember in my young mind have a good harvest but not really sure if it was true. After we moved the house was too shaded and had a row of Eucalyptus trees which were hardly conducive to a vegetable garden. Older prompts and post involved memories. It seems wordpress likes to use memories as prompts quite often. Below are some of the older:

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Weekly Photo Challenge- Twist

Weekly Photo Challange- Twist

I have not posted here in a while here so here we go. The other day I made some Cherry Cinnamon Rolls!

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A Dirty Post


It still amazes me how much stuff I find each year in the garden. I have tilled most of the garden at least once and most of it twice. Still something always ends up in the garden. This year I found a bolt and some other objects. Newton’s law comes into play. The tiller then jumps up or worse yet breaks a pin. I break at least one pin each year. 

This year I did not till at all in my main garden. A few years of the soil being loose and not compacting the soil by walking on the beds has resorted to beds I can just take a manure fork to loosen up the soil for seeding. Still pieces of pottery, stones and metal find the way to the surface. Oh, yes, and bones are in the pile. I am hoping someone just had a great BBQ Rib meal.

My corn patches have gotten much larger this year prompting me to till the old garden area and where I planted some squash before. This is where I hit a rock that broke a pin. This was an area I tilled last fall. I found a large bolt with a nut later. I can understand the rocks more than all of the metal and ceramic stuff. I wonder if tractors and other equipment were parked and worked on here. Parts lost in the grass and I get to find them later. I think it is time to find someone with a small tractor to till the area.

Anyways this collection of artifacts becomes some landscaping and barn art. Someday when I finish the  supply room in the barn I will have an awesome display.


Anyways I have some beautiful flowers in the garden.


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Just imagine how much fun the Dokodemo door would be for us adventurous types. You just walk through that door to any place you want to go for the moment.  
You want to go to Mount Everest without freezing, viewing all the trash and dead bodies.  On a more positive note if you are running  late for an appointment it could go through the door and be there. I would enjoy such a device just to avoid dealing with airports and to be able to check on my aging mother.



He is called “Green Boots” is believed to be Tsewang Paljor. He is now serves as a waypoint marker.

“I would love this door” reports Dusty. “Just think of all the adventures and hunting trips a cat like me that is cooped up in a house could take”. “If you let me outside I could practice with the local mice and rabbits”.” I could bring back some special presents for you too”. “Ah yes, I always loved those parts and pieces of birds and other animals that other cats would leave on my porch”, I replied. “I think we will keep you indoors safe and clean”.




Other prompts that answer today’s question. Your local electronics store has just started selling time machines, anywhere doors, and invisibility helmets. You can only afford one. Which of these do you buy, and why?


Cuttings For More Tomato Plants

Main and Sucker Stems

Tomato Plant That I Moved Over The Main Stem to Show Sucker Branches



Using this technique gives me the opportunity to start a tomato plants from seeds and sometimes purchase a plant or two and then create a few more free. Every spring I start 50 plants from seed but I never have enough room to plant my garden bed for fresh and canned tomatoes.  Amazingly, this is an incredibly easy process and you should have success even if you have never rooted any plants before. You can use this technique with determinate tomato plants, but indeterminate tomato plants seem to be better since they keep growing.

First of all you need to locate a growing sucker branch from between a lateral leaf stem and the main stem. If you examine the stem of a tomato plant, you will notice tiny bumps that protrude all along the stem. Older tomato plants show these bumps more than younger ones, so if you do not see any do not worry.  If these bumps come in contact with the soil they will sprout roots fast. Some tomato growers use this to an advantage when planting tomato plants by planting part of the stem sideways to create a larger root system. One of the advantages of propagating tomato plants by stem cuttings is that it can take tomato seedlings (started from seed) 6 to 8 weeks before they reach transplant size but, if you keep the tomato cuttings in a warm, environment with plenty of moisture the transplanting time frame is cut down to a mere 10 – 14 days. I skip the step creating transplants in pots and just plant the cuttings right into the garden. I feel that the plants will be stronger rooted in the soil and you will avoid the time a plant goes into transplant shock. So now let’s see a step by step guide to create new plants. 


What you will need:

Rooting hormone (If desired)
6″ tomato cutting


  1. First get you cuttings from your tomato plants or if you have a friend that has this super special tomato that would be great too. You will need a 6 inch cutting with only one or two set of leaves to generate energy for the plant. Remove all other leaves. 



Trimmed of lower branches and ready to plant.

 2. Dig a hole to plant the cutting and plant into the soil about 3 inches deep.


Planted int the soil.


3.  Once planted make sure  you keep the soil moist. Adding some mulch will help keep in the moisture especially if the temperature gets warm. I added some hair sheep fur, this is the first time I have tried using the fur but it sure beats throwing it away, to keep in the moisture becasue that is what I had available but you can use any mulch or none if the weather is cooler.



Good luck on your tomatoes. I hope you are able to try this method and find it as useful as I do to create more plants.

One Day At A Time


Part of garden. In the back is a fence we put up this weekend so we can run the sheep in the orchard to eat the plants down instead of mowing.



I have been trying to live in the moment this year. What I have promised myself to do as much as I can with my current situation but not get too stressed over lack of accomplishments. Really my life at the moment is more evolved over my garden. I have gotten the main garden planted and growing and I am working on the back area. I have worked the rototiller on about a 1/2 acre so far that has been planted with mostly corn and some wheat. I think that was why I was so tired yesterday. Not sore at all but tired. Today I am going out very soon to do some more tilling before it gets hot. The weather people reported it was  to get into the 90’s again today which is hot for this time of year. We went from 60’s last week to hot. What a shock to my system.

With this garden I hope enough will be grown and survive  to preserve vegetables for the year for our main consumption. That means even more work and effort with the drying and canning but it is mainly three and sometimes four of us.


Tell us about one thing (or more) that you promised yourself you’d accomplish by the end of the year. How would you feel once you do? What if you don’t?

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