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Month: October 2014

Fall Changes In The Flint Hills

 pumpkin harvest

Strong fall colors are not what Kansas is known for and for good reason. We do not get that sudden change in weather.  It is more a subtle march into fall creating trees with more brownish tints of yellows before they fall to the ground. Some strong reds do show up in the berries and crap apples. Making a nice display of red sprinkled among the still green leaves.







The plant with the most fall colors is the burning bush but even this year it does not have much a show. It has been very warm this fall but the last two evening we have noticed a change.  Friday night the forecast is for a hard freeze and it not hard to believe.  It was just above freezing early this morning. This weather will create a better fall showing and I will be prepared to do a photo drive looking for some colorful pictures.



burning bush



The sheep have been enjoying grazing in the wood lot more lately since they can find leaves which are something they enjoy eating more that grass. Now that the out of reach leaves are falling to the ground were they are able to eat them.




sheep eating leaves

I have been enjoying this fall but it will be soon behind us with winter furries.


You’re tasked with creating a brand new astrological sign for the people born around your birthday — based solely on yourself. What would your new sign be, and how would you describe those who share it?




generous, hard worker, always hungry for knowledge, endurance, patience, sensitive, compatible, likes order, loves the outdorrs and doing activities such as farming or gardening, strong willed at times.

Hexe On The Veranda




I was living in Germany, at the time,  on an American Army Post.  I rarely dress up for Halloween but decided to dress as a Witch that year. Living on the third floor of a walk up apartment building I did as others suggested .  I set up near the entrance of the building with my chair and container full of treats.  It was surprising how many Germans families I discovered were participating in this American event as the children began the progression from house to house. Soon, a young German child came up and called me a Hexe. I smiled knowing the German word but the mother seemed a little embarrassed and had to explain why her child was pointing at me and  calling me a Hexe, which is German for Witch.


 ef6c08daf1328110699166a8108e9c61 AN01480133_001_l



I have never had any trick or treaters come to our home in the Flint Hills because we live so far away from the town. So I thinking about going to the park or area in the local town were others that live out in the county set up. It would be fun for a change to do this and see all the children dressed in costumes.

I think it would be great to be able to dress in a traditional outfit worn by my Grandmother’s family from Bellingwolde or Winschoten  in the Netherlands. I have not found a picture of any traditional outfit but the black and white photo is an outfit from a nearby city.  However, look at the first outfit. It is so colorful with all of the different prints. That is me for sure.


Share You Garden



There are many people who may not be going hungry but they are unable to afford many of the nutritious fruits and vegetables at the store. This creates a great opportunity for home gardeners to donate some of their harvest to others. Some people may not be technically poor but after paying for their basic needs, such as housing, are not able to afford the nutritious fruits and vegetables. Some gardeners make an extra growing bed while others help grow the vegetables in a community garden. This can also be done with extra eggs if you have hens, which I have done before, and other food products. Make sure to check city and state codes when deciding to give anything other that produce.

Muscle Packs and Backpacks

As a teen and a young adult, in my early twenties, I had a strong desire to exercise, hike, and backpack. It was not the lady think to do, according to my mom, but I really did not care. It was not an activity that most other girls shared so I was mostly on my own. I was lucky in High School to have a coach that  started a P.E. class in weight lifting. In college, I remember thinking nothing of going into the weight room until I encountered a guy who asked me if I was planning on beating up a boyfriend. He made me feel very unwelcomed, so I never returned.  This was an old style weight room unlike the exercise gyms that  seem to be everywhere now.

Later, I worked for a state agency and would work on trail repairs. Those were wonderful years of hard work and being out in the beauty of nature. Still, I would take many day hikes by myself.Thinking back I conclude it was really not a real safe activity to do my self but I loved the trails. They drew me into an adventure to discover what was around the next bend. I love looking at the trees, rock formations, creeks, rivers, wildlife and just being there. Although, I am not in the shape as I was in those younger years it is something I still enjoy and something very few females care to do.  If they do go on the trails it is only for exercise.

I have plans to walk the American DiscoveryTrail beginning on the section of trail that is about 10 miles from where I live. For now I need to get in better shape and begin planning the walk.

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