pumpkin harvest

Strong fall colors are not what Kansas is known for and for good reason. We do not get that sudden change in weather.  It is more a subtle march into fall creating trees with more brownish tints of yellows before they fall to the ground. Some strong reds do show up in the berries and crap apples. Making a nice display of red sprinkled among the still green leaves.







The plant with the most fall colors is the burning bush but even this year it does not have much a show. It has been very warm this fall but the last two evening we have noticed a change.  Friday night the forecast is for a hard freeze and it not hard to believe.  It was just above freezing early this morning. This weather will create a better fall showing and I will be prepared to do a photo drive looking for some colorful pictures.



burning bush



The sheep have been enjoying grazing in the wood lot more lately since they can find leaves which are something they enjoy eating more that grass. Now that the out of reach leaves are falling to the ground were they are able to eat them.




sheep eating leaves

I have been enjoying this fall but it will be soon behind us with winter furries.



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