It is never too early to plan for Thanksgiving. This year you dinner might be somewhat different since I suspect I will be working that day. I done it before and can do it again. It just takes planning.  Over the years I have been preparing many of the dishes ahead of time to make the feast so much more to deal with since I usually do it by myself although the amount of food goes down each year. I try to not make too many leftovers to prevent over filling the refrigerator and the same food gets tiring for me.

I now use apples I have canned and that is what I canned today. I also canned the beets I harvested earlier making pickled beets that will be part of the vegetable tray.  If you look at the menus I have posted other years you can see that the menu does not change much. You  might find something you will like for a change it you want to go more American Indian or Italian style. I tend to make what I grew up eating with a few additions. Last year I started making my green bean casserole without using canned soup and canned onions. I really like it and plan to do so again by preparing the sauce and onions ahead of time and freezing. Sadly, I did not put the recipe on the blog but will do so this year later.

2014 Thanksgiving Plan

Celery –  Radishes –  Olives black and green – Pickled Beets – Peaches – Cranberry Sauce   –   Jelled Cranberry Sauce   Cranberry–Pear Relish   Canning Cranberries  Preserves – Jams – Jellies *

Herb Brined Roast Turkey with Regular Herbed Stuffing        Turkey Gravy

Mashed Potatoes      Brussels Sprouts      Candied Sweet Potatoes.       Cream Style Corn

Sour Cream Salad   Classic Green Bean Bake    Rolls

Pumpkin Pie      Apple Pie (Dutch and Regular )    Pumpkin Cheese Cake      Ice Cream

Nuts     Fruits     Chocolate Dragees     Coffee     Wine


Timetable Up to 1 month ahead:

Order fresh turkey if that is what you are using. Make turkey stock; freeze. Make pie crusts for mincemeat,  pumpkin and apple pies. Make apple pie; freeze. Make canned cranberry sauces.

Night before:

Defrost pie crust. Make pumpkin pie.  Brine turkey.

8 hours before serving turkey:

Bake apple pies; cool and store at room temperature

7 ½ hours before serving turkey:

Make stuffing.  Make sour cream salad.

5 ½ hours before serving turkey:

Roast turkey

4 hours before serving turkey:

Peel potatoes; store in cold water at room temperature. Whip cream for pies; refrigerate. Cook sweet potatoes and make casserole. Put in fridge until ready to bake. Prepare green bean casserole. put in fridge until ready to bake.

When turkey done (about 45 minutes after guest arrive):

Serve drinks. Bake remaining stuffing. Bake green bean and sweet potato casserole. Place potatoes on stove, bring to boil. Put brussels spouts on stove. Make gravy; keep warm. Make creamed corn; keep warm.

Serving Time

Drain & mash potatoes; put the olives, radishes, celery, cranberries on serving plates.

After serving turkey:

Make coffee and tea.  Serve pies, fruit, nuts and candy.


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