I have noticed the last two days am seeing more sightings of coyotes or even a lone wolf. It makes me wonder why are they out so early in the evening. Is it breeding season or are they having a difficult time finding food and water. We have had very cold air these last few days.

It is not that unusually to see coyotes  during the day because they are opportunistic. It is also calving time in many areas of Kansas. Mr. Gadget told me someone shot about 9 that were harassing his cows the other day.

We do  not own a lot of property so I fence to keep them out as much as possible. I also believe that you should make an effort to protect you animals without needing to kill the predators. If you kill one others will come to take their place unless you make them extinct.

My front pasture in very secure with cattle panel that is at least 5 feet tall. I have never seen a coyote in the area but I have seen them trying to find a way in. They could climb the fence but then they are in an open area which would be hard to escape. Coyotes do not like to take a lot of effort and so more on to easier prey.

Other than using  cattle panel constructing fence at least 5-1/2 feet high, using 4”x6” or smaller woven or welded wire fencing, and place a barbed wire across the top and bottom of the fence is a good tactic.  The no- climb horse fence is one of the best fences out there but it is expensive. I use it around my chicken coop and have never seen even a raccoon or skunk in the area. The other pasture fencing I use woven goat fence.  The barbed wire will prevent the coyotes from being able to jump over, or dig under the fence.

Using Donkeys, guard dogs, llamas is another useful technique. One sheep owner in Colorado sets up an electric fence area to keep his sheep at night with a guard dog. He said, he has never had any attacks with this technique.


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