I have a meeting this morning which means I have to get a shower and dressed and leave soon.This afternoon I plan to find the box of Fall decor in the basement and begin decorating the dining room for Thanksgiving. I will also need to do catch up with school work. This morning has already had an abundance of activity getting the grandson ready for school and then dealing with an overactive puppy that wants to use me and Mr. Dusty as chew toys.

If in 2214 a old dusty hard drive from one of my computers happened to enter of the many antique stores occupying the old town area of Abilene, KS  it would likely contain a mixture photos of trips, food , animals, pdf books and spreadsheets of the many gardening and food storage activities. Any one looking at the data might wonder where the photos were taken or why do I have all of these spreadsheets. This reminds me that I am behind in putting my seeds into the database but will soon do so before I put them down into the basement storage for the winters rest. They would find this huge garden/ seed database.

Pasture layout