I like the four seasons .  Fall feels really refreshing  after the long hot dog days of summer. I tire of the hot and sometimes very humid weather we can get in the summer. The winter can get really cold in this area. We had our first hard freeze last night so it has been chilly this morning freezing the aminal waterers. I am already longing  for winter to end.  However, I try to think of the positive. Winter helps control the insect population which will be better for my garden this  spring.

It is spring I wish could stay a bit longer. Spring is too short for the wonderful peas, lettuce and other cool season vegetables I enjoy. As soon as they begin getting the mature the temperature starts this drastic rise creating bolting and bitter cool season vegetables. This year I got some wonderful broccoli but by by the time I got to the remain heads  they were turning bitter. I picked to freezee and I am saving them to use in small amounts in rice.  So it is all not lost. Must of my lettuce bolted so I saved a lot of seeds.  I did discover a great romaine type of lettuce that can take the heat better. Still I would like a longer spring before the summer for more.




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