Shortly afer arriving here we seemed to meet the same type of meet and greet people who will tell you that you will hate it here. I suppose they could tell by the products you were purchasing that you just arrived.

I was told that shortly after we arrived in Germany. You will hate the “rock”  over and over. There were plenty of reasons to dislike the place I suppose. The stairwell house was very not too exciting. We lived at first in an attic troop area of one building. It had a very small living room, a non standard kitchen, and latrine with more than one toilet. Then there was the long hall with many small rooms. I suspect when the nazis used the facility they had quite a few bodies jammed into each room unless it held officers. The apartments below the attic were offices I been told but long ago were converted. Later we were moved into one of the stairwell apartments in a building further down the road. Still being on the third floor with the laundry in the basement was not the best of conditions. Regardless of these negative reasons we still we found Germany very exciting and fun. We went out on excursions as much as we could to get away from the negativity and explore the European world. 

There were no stairwell housing in this new assignment but again I was greeted with the same negative mentality. Like any place it has it possible and negatives. If you like to live in a large vibrant city you really have to go all the way to Kansas city for that. There are smaller city’s much closer for the malls and shopping but the real deal is Kansas City.It is two hours away and many from this area go there on the weekends. I like to go there to go to stores I like such as Penzeys but I am not into the clubs nor like large citys except for visits.

We are still in Kansas even after Mr. Gadget retired to the disbelief of many family members. They mostly live in California and like the environment and weather. I can understand since I do miss the beaches and lack of extreme weather conditions. Still the political environment worries me and I belive I would have a hard time living in a rural environment I enjoy without dealing with the ambit of rules and regulations. So here I stay for now and enjoy the best there is to offer here.