dining room tree

Dining Room Tree



As I was getting out the Christmas decorations I noticed all of the stuff in the basement.  The boxes seem to grow each year. It is time to go through the “stuff” ans sell or give away what is not needed. I am not going to expect too much for many of the items.  As they say a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. It would be better to get what I can than to get what I want in this situation. Just having a clean basement is worth everything. I will also be going into the barn and see what I can also get rid of on the top.

The attic is another place that deserves attention and must have a lot of “stuff” that we do not need. Not even knowing what is up there is one clue. To make matters worse some of my children have gone up there looking for items and made a mess. There are some items out of the boxes. It is enough to make a very organized person go into convulsions.

Right now I am getting ready to plan more of what I will plant this coming year. I know I will need to grow some more sweet potatoes. I have none in the storage. It will be a busy year this year since I will expand the amount of land I grow on to be able to grow more corn and beans. It is possible I might consider some other grains such as oats.

I must point out the WordPress is having some ** SURPRIZE  **issues again today. It is pinging so good that it is pinging last years Cliché Prompt. Mine happens to be a 404 like many others. I have become a .com instead of a .me since that time.

I must not get ready for a trip to the city today for some shopping. I just might avoid the malls since teens seem to wanting to have mini riots. What is wrong with teens today? Twice in the last month I have said excuse me as I was going by congested area only for them to snarly say excuse me back.  This is in front of “parents”.  Ah, now I am thinking twice about going to the city.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Cliché.”