Ram scent

I Smell Something


I used to mow paths through the wood lot and other places for quick walks. Walking is a astonishing stress buster for me. I learned this a long time ago from a former supervisor who took me for a walk one time when I was upset. This was when I was just nearly an adult ending my teen years. Since them I have found walks very useful.

Now it is more difficult to take short walks in the woods or pasture area due to the need to keep a watch for Brutus. Brutus is a large ram with a tendency to want to ram you. Rams seem to get a lot of excitement from ramming each other and sometimes other things. Shortly after this picture was taken I saw the stance. He was eyeing me and getting really to ram me. I had a stick in my hand so he quickly turned when he noticed it. They can be very dangerous.  Just want the boxing bag below to see how high the ram sends it up in the air.

My plan for Brutus in the spring is to become lamb chops and other products. Just waiting on those lambs.