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Let’s Play Lexicographer With WordPress

In the spirit of the prompt that is actually another redo instead of complaining will go with it. Since WordPress has been in the mood to redo the prompts I decided to make a word for their efforts.





Carried out by WordPress using earlier prompts to  move to act, spur, incite a personal WordPress post.


Modern age


If you want something more to worry about or are interested in the levels of several elements on a county-by-county basis in the conterminous states. It can help with gardens and livestock if you don’t know.



Yucky Canned Soup




I used to enjoy eating  pruchased canned soup.  It was actually one of my favorite lunch entree or side.Then I discovered home-made soup. The discovery was mainly because I needed to cut back on salt and if you have ever read the ingredient list on soups you will find a huge amount of salt listed. Those soups are more of a brine that soup so I moved on to homemade soups.  Now canned soups taste yucky when I try them. They have an off flavor from the tin. I noticed the other package soups do not have the off flavor which is why the more expensive and organic tend to be preserved this way.

Today, while having lunch with a home canned beef stew, two ideas occurred to me. I had canned too many of the soup in quart jars while pint size would be better for our lunches.  The second thought was I need more variety. Right now I have canned chicken soup. split pea, Barbarian cabbage, tomato soup and nine been soup. How about some more exciting soup types?  So my goal now is to plan for more soup types. I came up with some ideas but some will have to be changed because you cannot can dairy products, grains and pasta. Any other ideas?

  1. Creole Style Red beans and Rice (either frozen cooked rice or quick rice will be added at heating)
  2. Mexican-Style Chicken Tortilla Soup (tortillas added at heating)
  3. Veggie Chili soup
  4. Faijata Chicken with rice and beans (rice added with heating)
  5. Bean and Ham Soup
  6. Gumbo soup
  7. Potato soup with bacon
  8. Texas style beef chili with black beans
  9. Chicken and Chardonnay Soup
  10. Mushroom and Madeira Basque (cream added at heating)
  11. French Onion

Below is a good link for canning soups.

National Center for HomeFood Preservation “Soups”


This planning should go well with my garden plans for this year. I am well into the plans and should be done soon. This year as I mentioned before I will add a bed of sweet potatoes and three Irish potato beds. The sweet potatos slips have been ordered along with some additions to my Food Forest.

Kitchen/ Main Garden


Food Forest




Oh, My Eyes

once upon a time




in a small little town with not even one stop traffic light was a girl in need of some eye drops to stop the irritation. She walked to the local store with her 5 dollar bill in her hand to purchase some eye drops.  As I watched her walk into the store she asked where she could find the drops and was promptly shown the area. When checking out she was dismayed to find she did not have enough money for the eye drops after the taxes were added. Then a voice from the next patron offered to pay the difference. Happy was the little girl to get find a prince charming to assist her at a time of need. .

There still is a lot of good in the world.


Photo source:

Daily Prompt

Fluffy and Sheep Pregnancy Toxemia


Fluffy and her son

I have noticed her being a bit off for a while but last night I found here putting her face to the wall and today she had her feet in the water. Time to take some serious action for the carbohydrate metabolism disturbance. I do not have anything on hand so I quickly made a mixture of molasses and corn syrup to give her some energy. She is not able to eat enough feed (energy) to meet the demands of their growing fetus(es).  I am thinking she might able having twins and she is my oldest ewe. Most of the fetal growth occurs during the last 4 to 6 weeks of pregnancy.

To prevent this problem with the other ewes I separated them today from the ram, wether and goat. They tend to be aggressive at feeding but do not need the extra nutrients. I began feeding them  grain to the ewes for extra protein.

With Fluffy I used a molasses/corn syrup mixed with water to thin out for dousing. After dousing I went to the local farm store but was only able to find an energy and electrolyte mix, and probios boluses.I  I  grounded up the probios bolus with aspirin mixed with some water and used a teaspoon to give to the ewe. Later I mixed one pint  energy and electrolyte. She seemed better and was not grinding her teeth too much. I am hoping for improvement but will try to find some nutidrench, dextrose and prop glycol in the morning to hopefully get her over this problem. And all was right in the world for now.

What About A Fireside Chat



As I monitor the wood stove to push back the cold morning and prepare to do some more garden plans it occurs to me how wonderful it would be able to have a fire side chat with John Jeavons. He is one of the founders of Biointensive agriculture a mixture of different cultures small farming techniques  first developed by  Alan Chadwick. One of the techniques considered is calorie farming which I briefly wrote about yesterday. The only holding back from fully using this systems is  it concentrates on the vegan diet. It would be great to show him my plans and receive suggestions but also be able to listen to his story but second best would be the ability to attend one of his workshops.

I think I should really check the material I have from GROW BIOINTENSIVE before further planning. It is warming up some more planning. It is hard not to start planting now but I know from experience it is better to wait.

Off On the Right Side and Getting the Garden Plans Moving


2014 Lettuce


It is hardly a day when I wake up on the wrong side of the bed . The only routine I have when getting up in the morning is to give myself a few minutes to ease into the day and to fully adjust to being awake before I get up. Instead of using that snooze button I use the ten minutes or so to stretch. I also get up at least an 1/2 hour but like an hour before I need to get ready.  This is an important step people should take since many heart attacks and slipped disks happen when people just jump out of bed and then rush.

Today was an exciting day for me since I got my first seeds of the season. Since it was in the evening when I got them and I had dinner and other activities to do I left putting them in my 2015 excel spreadsheet. Soon the planting 2015 garden planting begins and I am excited. I already got two new exciting seeds this year to try, Utrecht Blue wheat which is be great for weaving and Doborskian Rice. This rice is an upland rice so it does not need to grow in a paddy. It will be exciting to try this since I like rice and would like to grow some of my own. Many preppers do not realize the importance of growing some starchy plants to have during the winter when it is hard to grow vegetables in certain areas.

So I have updated my spreadsheet and put it up to share. This spreadsheet has a number of pages to keep records of seeds, planting dates for my garden and other useful information.  I have it loaded to Google Drive if you would like to look at the 2015 Garden Plan.  I have been seaching a number of sites to purchase some native fruit bearing plants for my food forest. I hope to order soon.  I received an email that I will test plant variety for Seed Savers  M-GEN program. I was offers to pick a varieties but the choice was too hard so I offered to try any variety they send. I am really excited for this challenge. It will require me to direct sow if they send me a type of vegetable I normally begin on a heat mat under lamps. What a wonderful challenge and a chance to grow a vegetables in this zone to help other gardeners.  They asked for me to sign up for the Cornell University  Vegetable Varieties for Gardeners website. They call it a citizen science program. I add the Chocolade bruine boon and I am awaiting approval to rate and add information. I will add some others later that will help others.



2015 garden plans

Garden Plans 2015

The puzzle was completed last night. Now I just need to get it framed and put above the computer desk sometime in the future.


time well wasted_1-21-2015

Time Well Wasted complete Puzzle


Two Right Feet

Cassie Hanging Around




Cassie usually does not want to hang around the house much but this morning she wanted to come inside. You can see some hay on her tail. She is old border collie, at least 14 years old. Border Collies is a breed that has an average lifespan of 12 years.  She is not without medical problems with her arthritis, fatty tumors and bad teeth. So she gets soft food and aspirin.

Of course, I am still working on the puzzle. Mr. Gadget asked if I will be done today. Ya right! It is getting there but I am at the more difficult parts.


TimeWell Wasted


A Moment in Time

Keeping Your Brain Content

snow patch on brown

Snow on Brown



Oh, WordPress  you just made me gasp by using a myth for a prompt. I am a day late and maybe even a dollar short. Honestly, I logged in but found no prompt so I went on to big and not so better things like cleaning the bedroom from top to bottom. I still belive that you should alway engage yourself in activities and learning experiences. I have my kindle  a couple of games I play once in a while. One is a memory game and the other is CSI which is really an adult memory games. I also try to engage in as many activities as I can. My Time Well Wasted working on a jigsaw puzzle a few minutes per day is also  good for your brain.

  • enhances visual perception
  • hones coordination
  • improves memory
  • develops critical thinking
  • increases dopamine production in the brain
  • heightens creativity
  • stimulates the whole brain

I am alway trying to take classes to learn more.  I found EdX last fall and took an English Class. This class was engaging and I received a good review of English.  However, learning this way is fun and easy you do not get out and see people. When I can I like to go to free and inexpensive local class. I am taking a bee keeping class this month and a solar energy class next month.


Time Well Wasted 1-26-2015

Time Well Wasted- Puzzle 1-16-2015




Joining the Boy’s Club



Kitchen Garden




She was in a meeting at work. Since her role was a promoter of the healthcare company she wanted to promote herself at the meeting as the senior executive. She began by saying “While on Los Angeles as keynote speaker for the Health Forum I discussed many  topics critical for growth for our company. She spoke about her skills and accomplishments while linking them to what she wants to promote . We can all use this technique. “This will help you develop a mew mind-set and get used to impressing colleagues your boss, and even an audience if you are making a presentation.  (Breaking into the Boys’ Club, p. 84).

I have not been trained to toot my horn. Bragging is not something concerned exception in my family although I witnessed it in uncles and cousins at different occasions. It usually involves meeting someone they feel is important or bringing up something their family members has achieved. There are ways to promote without bragging that was can all do to help promote ourself. It just takes using the correct wording.

At Cedar Lane it is still very cold and I am not too excited to be outside during these times. I go out to care for the animals at this time by making sure they have water twice a day and feeding. I have been inside planing the garden I have most finished the plans for the garden by rotating the beds and will be adding sweet potatoes this year because I ran out of canned sweet potatoes for Christmas. It is too cold to go into the sewing room since we are mostly heating with a wood stove and the heat does not flow well into that room so sewing is off for now. I am still working on my puzzle to keep the cabin fever from coming although working in town a few days per week helps. It is starting to look like something. The tan middle part I know will take a long time.





Time Well Wasted doing a puzzle


Connect the Dots

Milk Story

download (3)


At first glance he looked like any boy in the area as he reached the counter with his gallon of milk to buy. He looked well cared for with clean clothing, and grooming hair. After I rung up the gallon of milk he started with two dollars and then proceeded to count out four quarters. He then began counting the small amount of remaining change he had in his procession. Glancing at the little pile of nickels and pennies I became concerned he did not have enough money. He was not purchasing junk food such as candy and donuts that most of the other children who enter but real food.

The woman next in line had the same concern when she then told us she will pay for the milk. The boy looked concerned about the matter but I quickly added her groceries to the bill and she began paying . She then told him he can go ahead and get the milk so I handed it to the boy who then left the store. While the woman paid for her purchased I thanked her. She told me she had been in that situation before so she wanted to help her. I think many of have been in the situation. It was a small gesture for her but so wonderful for the boy and his family.


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