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Danger In The Middle Of The Road

I tend to believe there are two sides to every story, two visions for every goal and two realities and many shades in between. I remember working at a place where I felt the need to keep out of the battles becauxe there are always two sides so I should not take sides and become involved. This left me in the middle of the road receiving attacks on both sides.  It was very stressful at times. This was a lose-lose situation since the reality was taking sides would had created just as much burden and stress as staying out of there battle but then not trusted by either.

Standing in the middle of the road is very dangerous; you get knocked down by the traffic from both sides.

Margaret Thatcher


Bone of Contention

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  1. This book is great: – I cannot currently read only two pages of it at a time.

    How else is there any way to know when and when not to use emphatic sentences or non-poetic meter?

    Thank you for your quoting of biblical scripture; I usually use a concordance to find what I am after in the Big Book. That and prayer. Have you seen this link?

    I tell people you are my favorite – @jcm3rockstar

    Attempting to publish short stories online by 6.15.15:

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