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She was in a meeting at work. Since her role was a promoter of the healthcare company she wanted to promote herself at the meeting as the senior executive. She began by saying “While on Los Angeles as keynote speaker for the Health Forum I discussed many ¬†topics critical for growth for our company. She spoke about her skills and accomplishments while linking them to what she wants to promote . We can all use this technique. “This will help you develop a mew mind-set and get used to impressing colleagues your boss, and even an audience if you are making a presentation. ¬†(Breaking into the Boys’ Club, p. 84).

I have not been trained to toot my horn. Bragging is not something concerned exception in my family although I witnessed it in uncles and cousins at different occasions. It usually involves meeting someone they feel is important or bringing up something their family members has achieved. There are ways to promote without bragging that was can all do to help promote ourself. It just takes using the correct wording.

At Cedar Lane it is still very cold and I am not too excited to be outside during these times. I go out to care for the animals at this time by making sure they have water twice a day and feeding. I have been inside planing the garden I have most finished the plans for the garden by rotating the beds and will be adding sweet potatoes this year because I ran out of canned sweet potatoes for Christmas. It is too cold to go into the sewing room since we are mostly heating with a wood stove and the heat does not flow well into that room so sewing is off for now. I am still working on my puzzle to keep the cabin fever from coming although working in town a few days per week helps. It is starting to look like something. The tan middle part I know will take a long time.





Time Well Wasted doing a puzzle


Connect the Dots

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