I used to enjoy eating  pruchased canned soup.  It was actually one of my favorite lunch entree or side.Then I discovered home-made soup. The discovery was mainly because I needed to cut back on salt and if you have ever read the ingredient list on soups you will find a huge amount of salt listed. Those soups are more of a brine that soup so I moved on to homemade soups.  Now canned soups taste yucky when I try them. They have an off flavor from the tin. I noticed the other package soups do not have the off flavor which is why the more expensive and organic tend to be preserved this way.

Today, while having lunch with a home canned beef stew, two ideas occurred to me. I had canned too many of the soup in quart jars while pint size would be better for our lunches.  The second thought was I need more variety. Right now I have canned chicken soup. split pea, Barbarian cabbage, tomato soup and nine been soup. How about some more exciting soup types?  So my goal now is to plan for more soup types. I came up with some ideas but some will have to be changed because you cannot can dairy products, grains and pasta. Any other ideas?

  1. Creole Style Red beans and Rice (either frozen cooked rice or quick rice will be added at heating)
  2. Mexican-Style Chicken Tortilla Soup (tortillas added at heating)
  3. Veggie Chili soup
  4. Faijata Chicken with rice and beans (rice added with heating)
  5. Bean and Ham Soup
  6. Gumbo soup
  7. Potato soup with bacon
  8. Texas style beef chili with black beans
  9. Chicken and Chardonnay Soup
  10. Mushroom and Madeira Basque (cream added at heating)
  11. French Onion

Below is a good link for canning soups.

National Center for HomeFood Preservation “Soups”


This planning should go well with my garden plans for this year. I am well into the plans and should be done soon. This year as I mentioned before I will add a bed of sweet potatoes and three Irish potato beds. The sweet potatos slips have been ordered along with some additions to my Food Forest.

Kitchen/ Main Garden


Food Forest