There is really nothing better than convenience and uniformity. It is quite surprising that during 1943, U.S. officials imposed a short-lived ban on sliced bread as a wartime conservation measure. The nice thin sliced bread created greater consumption plus created more wax paper consumption. This was before those plastic sandwich wrap. This is before my time. I do not remember any sandwiches wrapped in wax paper but I do remember them wrapped in foil before the plastic.  This was before the explosion of frozen entrees and ramen noodles and inidvidulal wrpped little meat, crackers and cheese lunches in  stores everywhere. Before it was toast for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch.I suppose unless you family could afford a maid.

My bread machine paddle went AWOL so plans to make bread with the better than hand kneading method has been halted.  An order of a new paddle is underway but  I am sure the old paddle with be discovered after it arrives. It seems to work that way around here although I have looked all over.

How I remember the good ode days of sandwiches. I never revered in them so I do not miss them at all with the slimy bologna or baloney. It always seemed the bread was dry. Part of the problem was the day old bread which in realility was much older than one day. Give me freedom, liberty and fresh bread or anything else than sandwiches and I am okay. I will even slice it myself. Now we have all of those fast food and sit down fast food which I call all the other trendy restaurants. I am refraining from any of these since I noticed more problems. This is likely do to the excessive salt content.

Now I must move on the next projects today. That being working more on the planning of the Compost 67% Diet 22% Income 11% garden. The goal of all this work is to produce all of my compost material to entice the soil with the needed minerals and nitrogen, grow most of the food for the year and maybe make a little money to help pay for the other supplies. This planning is taking more time than I had envisioned but I am hoping it will pay later.

I also need to finish the homework for my class.”Growing Our Future Foods: Crops. At least this week is not too bad. Last week with all the formulas took me a long time with great difficulty.  Another class started yesterday so I must move on now before I get far behind.



Sliced bread