Frankly, some mornings, I do not want to leave the warmth of the bed into the chilly morning. This morning I had that feeling so much more than others knowing we had no more wood to heat the house to a toasty temperature. The house is being heated to a cool 68 degrees to conserve but to me it just feels cold. I have animals to care for so even staying in to read was out of the question. I other projects to do.

I can’t wait for spring but summer can wait.

Soon it will be lambing time. I did have three still births from the ewe, Fluffy, two days ago.  I have tried to save here for the last two weeks.  They were really tiny. Lambs get most of their growth in the last few weeds and they needed at least two  more weeks to survive. When I walked in I noticed that two were but were still. I other was born not too long ago and still covered but not moving. I feed Fluffy some more energy tonic,  removed the lambs and got her standing. Fluffy did not act to upset. Either she already knew they were dead or she was just too ill to really care.  Hopefully she will start eating better and will live a few more years. We will take precautions she does not mix with a ram. Hopefully, it will go better with the rest of the ewes.


First Light