Ram scent



A prevalence message this saturday at  K-State Sheep Producer Day was to avoid naming your animals. It could not be father from the truth. I was never one to want to name my animals but other family members could not resist.  After developing  a strong attachment to your animals on a personal level it makes it harder to make good judgment on culling out undesirable and problem animals.

If you are farming for profit and animals are animals  not living up to your expectations they need to be culled from your herd. A poor mother, animals that does not produce offsprings are candidates for removing from you farm.

Get rid of them while you are mad at them.

~Alan Culham

If you had to bottle feed a poor mother again this is the time to get rid of her now. Do it now before you change your mind.

Now I believe giving every ewe a  chance. I had a first time mother that had a huge lamb that ended up requiring an assisted birth and  Mr. Gadget suggested sending her to a processor. I disagreed since it was her first and a very difficult birth. I want to give her another chance. It it happens again then she will have to go. having too large of lambs with birthing issues is another problem you do not want to deal with.

I also have a beautiful ewe (above) that was a botttle fed lamb. Tinkerbell  is really friendly and beautiful but If she does not end up lambing this spring I will only give her one more chance.